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Marlo Coulson,  Metalsmith// Designer & Owner of The Naked Squirrel.
I live in the beautiful Comox Valley, BC in Canada. I spend my days in my pretty studio workspace, jewelry making, screen-printing, and treasure hunting.  My background is in nursing, I have stepped away in order to follow my passion and grow my business.


My Story… I established ‘The Naked Squirrel’ line of products in 2009. At that time I was searching for a name sign for my new nephew. Nothing was quite right, so I made him a beautiful personalized sign from linen and re-purposed fabrics. I was working as a nurse and found my creative time as ‘the naked squirrel’ in my home studio so valuable to de-stress. Sales through my online marketplace grew along with my passion and appreciation for handmade, creative, up-cycling and small production goods.

In 2015 I have made the decision to study goldsmith/metal arts full-time, I will complete the intensive program in the Spring of 2016.

After a feature in The National Post publication, my products launched into other retail locations and the Naked Squirrel product lines have expanded considerably.

My jewelry and screen printed clothing line continue to grow, being re-freshed seasonally.


Phone 250-702-7988. We would love to hear from you!IMG_5416

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