December 2014

Fresh prints off the press & Inspiration behind the designs.

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You a Love Warrior?

I must meet that criteria at this point, gone through battle, & back… only permanent damage: Sparkling Wisdom.    

//She belonged among the Wildflowers, she belonged somewhere she feels free// – Tom Petty

One of my all-time faves, ‘go to’ feel awesome songs.  On a new Mandala design.




Tank Inspiration…

April 2014

I wanted to share the meaning behind this seasons tank top designs.  Starting with my personal favourite, unicorn with a shield.  Text reads “Be You, Bravely”.


To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others, you need to accept yourself. – Thich Naht Hanh

The story of finding me in a big world.

Just what exactly is authenticity anyway?

The last year or so I have purposely stepped away from many familiarities, specifically hours at my job as a nurse. A job that lent to a large part of my identity for the past ten years. I have downsized & simplified, big time. The past belief that acquiring and more $/bigger/grander  is key, had been un-satisfying.  I have reflected on relationships and noted patterns. I had periods of time when I removed myself from all computer/cell phone/TV use, replaced with yoga and meditation, quieting my messy headspace, if only for moments at a time.  When I stripped it back, I was standing in a quiet solitude, with furrowed brow, I thought “well, now who am I?” What if we don’t have to be who we always thought? Giving permission to re-invent.

Realizing that my ‘life roles’ play a passive role in my true self, I focused on defining my core beliefs, passions and motives expressing it through courage and openness and art. Not an easy task for this historically shy girl!  It is the inner connection to my True Self that I am peeling back. The process at times is exposing and vulnerable, difficult when I always had my shield or barrier of privacy and belief of “how things should be” or “how my life Should look”, feeling inadequate when reality did not match the ‘shoulds’.

My hope is that others identify with this journey and see themselves as the rare and magical unicorn, bravely breaking the shield of old beliefs.

Be You, Bravely     



Antler Project…

February 2014

Want to make a jewelry display or antler wall art?  See how I did this, below…


IMG_5528I scored all these antlers at a local junk store!IMG_5527Tank Tales…

January 2014

While we are in a cold snap, I am busy gearing up for the Spring/Summer season. With tank tops on my mind.  While a few favourite tank top styles are remaining available, I have been narrowing down some new styles.  This season, I am excited to communicate the meaning behind each design, while they are generally reflective of what is happening in my world, my hope is that they resonate with my awesome Naked Squirrel followers as well.

Fall Furniture Time

September 19, 2013

With the weather taking a turn to crisper mornings, foggy haze and wetness I no longer have guilt for staying in the studio.  The paintbrush has come out using my trusted Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from Red Living. Some furniture pieces available at Soak Essentials in Parksville, BC.  Adorable home decor store with an awesome in-house line of handmade bath and body care.   This cute table (by me) available at Soak now!










Women Rock and Roar

Jamie Moore (photographer) got me thinking of the ideal woman that our young girls aspire to.  She dressed her 5 year old daughter and photographed her in a variety of strong women personas, pioneers in their own right.

This post inspired me to make the popular “Amelia Earhart” silk screen.  I had a sweet, shy 12 year old customer at the market last night pull out her hard earned 15 dollars for her new tank top.  She quietly spoke and said “Amelia is my idol”.  YES girls, I love fairy tale princess’s as well.  But let us also remind & teach our girls of Real historic women.

Image: Amelia Earhart

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